Traditional Unity

    UGA-12-062Artist: Louis
    Age: 14
    School: Uganda Martyrs S.S Namugongo
    City: Kampala
    Country: Uganda

    In this piece, the Kabaka (King) with tow chiefs arrives at a local area in Kasubi. People lie down, bow and wave banana leaves in respect. Many courageous men lie down on the ground and are being walked upon by the kabaka. I value total respect for elders and leaders,this helps me and those around me feel united.

    I am the boy driving the metallic car towards the rock paintings.

    I am the last born with one brother, four sisters, a mom and dad. In my free time, I draw manga comics, play football, listen and sing rock music. I like being a winner, especially in competitions. I dislike losing. One day, I want to be the greatest manga comic drawer. By achieving this I will encourage many artist to develop in my country.

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