The Volcanoes of my Land

    GUA-11-047Artist: Jonatan
    Age: 11
    School: Aldea El Caoba
    Country: Guatemala

    I am representing that plants, people, and animals need water. People and animals swim, and animals drink water from the lake. This is the reason why we value water in our culture. People go to the lake on Spring Break for their recreation. I am representing the value of water. People need water to live. Plants and animals also need it. This value is very important for all the people, animals, and plants in the planet.

    I have incorporated it by the rain falling from the sky, and by water springs.

    I have four brothers and two sisters that graduated from school, one is a teacher and the other one is an expert on A.D.E. I am in six grade. I like to study, to listen to music, and to sing. I like clean water and to follow the rules. I do not like when we throw garbage in the lake. I would like to be a singer, or a doctor.

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