The Story of Corona Quarantine in Jordan


    Artist: Tasneem
    Medium: Crayons
    Age: 13
    School: Amir Hasan Prep Girls School N 1
    City: Amman
    Country: JORDAN

    What is going on in your piece:
    My drawing describes the story of quarantine in Jordan. I will start from the top right because we read Arabic from right to left: The civil defense siren, online learning, watching defense order daily summary, breaking the fasting of the Holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan prayers “Taraweeh”, and finally Ramadan sweets called Atayef.

    [Note: Tarawih refers to additional ritual prayers]

    How are you feeling during this time?

    Other thoughts you would like to share with students from around the world:
    Stay safe and adhere to your government’s orders.

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