The Muslim

    USA-11-918Artist: Adam
    Age: 15
    School: Curie High School
    City: Chicago
    State: IL
    Country: USA

    Medium: Watercolor

    The gentleman is performing an Islamic act of “Wadu.” This is a daily act of perpetration prior to your daily five prayers as a Muslim. It is a custom to have a pair of slippers to keep your feet off the dirty floor. The value of cleanliness is expressing how water may make a Muslim clean enough to be within the arms of Allah. As a Muslim, I perform these steps to pray.

    Water is used to wash a man before he prays at the Mosque.

    My family of four performs these steps. We live in a Chicago home with no pets. I enjoy attending and playing sports. I like to eat, listen to music and do homework. I dislike mustard, pickles, and relish. I want to be drafted by the NFL by my senior year of college.

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