The Love for Food

    USA-18-1738Artist: Misrath
    Medium: Pastels, Crayons
    Age: 11
    School: Cesar A. Batalla
    City: Bridgeport
    Country: USA

    In my piece my hands are holding a box of french fries. I’m at McDonald’s eating them with a drink. I feel happy and hungry. I’m highlighting how happy I feel whenever I eat something. Most people around the world don’t have enough food. I’m displaying how thankful I am to have food.

    In my family I have my parents, my grandparents, my two aunts, my sister, my cousin, and my uncle. We are all from Bangladesh. During myfree time I like to play with my iPad or watch TV. I recycle water bottles, cans, and glass to help preserve the environment. When I grow up I want to be a cancer specialist.

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