Sports Time – Lunchtime Cricket

    1999_SPORTS_TIME_52_artistArtist: Reese
    Age: 11
    School: St. Joseph’s School
    City: Fairlie
    State: South Canterbury
    Country: New Zealand

    I chose to draw this picture because I like to play cricket. It is of my friends and I playing cricket at lunchtime. We play cricket or rugby when it is fine. Most of my friends like playing too. Cricket is one of the main sports in New Zealand.

    I have a twin brother and a sister. My mum is a nurse, and my dad is a stock agent. I like riding the motorbike, and I like Burger King. I hate cleaning up my room, and I hate it when it rains. I play cricket on Saturdays, play chess, and watch TV and videos. I hope to become a policeman.

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