Slumber Party

    USA-08-536Artist: Gracie
    Age: 13
    School: The Park School
    Country: USA

    “In this scene, there are a group of girls who are having a sleep over. Some girls are dancing, other girls are playing cards one girls is reading. There is also a dog and a cat lying on a pillow. These girls are having lots of fun.

    I chose this scene, because I love having sleep overs with my friends.”

    “I have a sister, brother, mom, and dad. I also have two dogs and a fish.

    I like cookies, knitting, the color green, and dancing. I dislike cheddar cheese, Capri pants, the smell of fish and windy days.

    I spend my free time Knitting, dancing, playing with my sister, hanging with my friends, shopping, drawing, snow boarding, and double Dutch.

    I hope to become a really good snowboarder. “

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