School Time – Beginning a New Day at School 9:00 AM

    1999_SCHOOL_TIME_17_artistArtist: Deborah
    Age: 9
    School: St. Joseph’s School
    City: Fairlie
    Country: New Zealand

    I chose this subject because it’s interesting finding out what the day’s going to be like. Prayers is the first thing that happens. In the picture is a person starting prayers.

    I have a dad, a mum, and two sisters. Their names are Susan and Lisa. Lisa likes art, and Susan likes swimming. Mum owns a fruit and vege store just down the road from us in Fairlie. I like horses and other animals. I don’t like spiders and creepy bugs. When it’s free time, I usually play with my friends. I hope to be a teacher or a hairdresser.


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