My School

    USA-09-582Artist: Mitchell
    Age: 8
    School: Connecticut Friends School
    City: Wilton
    Country: USA

    Medium: collage

    I am waving out of my classroom window to one of my friends who is in another building at school. Outside kids are playing basketball. There is a forest and the building has a deck off of it. I chose this scene because I wanted to show what my school is like.

    I am the youngest of three boys. My older brothers are Harry and Lee. I also have a mom, dad, two gerbils and a praying mantis. I like sushi and math. I don’t like reading or steak. I spend my free time outside playing basketball or digging. When it rains I like to watch TV or play on the computer. I would like to go to a tropical place and be a landscaper because I like to design things.

    Classroom window

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