Mikoshi Shrine

    Artist: Maho
    Medium: Calligraphy paper
    Age: 9
    School: Hiroshima University Attached Mihara Middle School
    City: Mihara
    Country: JAPAN

    My friend, my brother and I are carrying the Mikoshi shrine in the town where we live. This is in July. When we parade with the Mikoshi shrine, spectators will sprinkle water at us and that makes us feel cold but we try to shout lively.I think people in Japan are forgetting the traditional mind or typical Japanese traditions because of the influence of electronics. So I think it’s important to participate in a traditional festival and work on something together with your neighbors.

    Featured: The moment I am sharing is my idea about desert life and culture.

    I have a grandpa, a grandma, a cousin, a father, a mother, a younger brother and myself in my family. In my free time I like to play with my younger brother. I like Japanese traditional sweets. I don’t like a cake with whipped cream and fruits. When I grow up, I’d like to get a job related to a hospital.

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