Le Fete du Roi (The King’s Party)

    Artist: Lucie
    Medium: Colored Pencil
    Age: 10
    School: Julian Curtiss School
    City: Greenwich
    Country: USA

    I am illustrating Le fete du roi (The Kings Party). Le Fete du roi is a French tradition we do because we are European. Everyone gets a slice of cake and one of the slices has a mini figure in it. It is important to me because it is something we do as a family.

    Featured: The moment I am sharing is my idea about desert life and culture.

    In my picture, my dad has the crown, across from him is my mom, and above her is Clara, my sister. I like to read, write, and play with Legos. I love to read and write. But I don’t really like math. When I grow up I want to live in Paris and become an author.

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