Lake Katherine Miracles

    USA-20-1855Artist: Natalia
    Medium: Mixed
    Age: 14
    School: Kennedy High School
    City: Chicago
    Country: USA

    My piece takes place in Lake Katherine in Palos Heights. I’m spending time with my family walking around the lake. You can see my mom, dad, and myself as well as tourists. Some values that are illustrated are clean water and preserving trees.

    My scene has a lot of trees and a waterfall which are beautiful attributes of nature. You can recycle papers from trees to help preserve trees and the environment.

    I have a mom and a dad who live in Chicago with me. They are very supportive of my dreams. I like to listen to music and read romance novels in my free time. My likes are music such as BTS, Twice, and Panic at the Disco. One of my dislikes is failure in tests or assignments.I want to go to UChicago and become a doctor.

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