Happy Garden

    USA-11-941Artist: Natalie
    Age: 10
    School: Ann Street School
    City: Newark
    State: NJ
    Country: USA

    Medium: color pencils

    My mom, dad and me are enjoying planting three beautiful flowers. My picture takes place in the park garden.My picture shows the garden clean and me and my mom and dad planting.I value water, I have a lot of water in my culture and I love water.

    There is a rainbow, a cloud and me watering the flowers.

    My family is a loving family and they gave me life.I like to read, play, watch TV and pretend to be a teacher.I love my family and I kind of like school because I can hang out with friends and family. I don’t like to just sit there like a lazy potato. My goal is to be good in school and get good grades to earn a scholarship, I really want to be a veterinarian.

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