Eating New year’s Food with the Whole Family

    Artist: Ayane
    Medium: Mixed KMBT_C224e-20141228091754
    Age: 12
    School: Myooudai Elementary School
    City: Hiroshima
    Country: JAPAN

    This is a scene of living happily with my family on New Year’s while eating a lot of homemade food. When New Year’s comes around, a lot of good food comes out. In Japan, we stuff four-sided boxes with delicious food. Also, I eat as many rice cakes as possible. That kind of food is called osechi food. We always eat osechi all together on New Year’s. I look at everyone’s faces and eat happily.

    Featured: The moment I am sharing is my idea about desert life and culture.

    I am in a family of four with my mother, father, older brother, and I. That is why we always eat together. In my free time, I message my friends with my smartphone and text on my phone. Sometimes I play 3DS. Foods I like are fruit and tomatoes. I dislike onions. I want to become a pastry chef.

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