Early Morning – Girls Fetching Water and Bathing 5:00 AM

    1999_EARLY_07_artistArtist: Lesego
    Age: 13
    School: Summerwood Primary School
    City: Johannesburg
    Country: South Africa

    It’s early in the morning, and girls go to the river to fetch water, and some girls go to bathe. I chose it because I’m proud of my culture, and I enjoy telling people about my culture.

    My family lives in Alexandria. I live with my mother, granny, one sister, uncle, and two little brothers. My mother works at Nampak Tissue (Bryanston) as a data capture. I like to eat a lot of junk food, and I like going to weddings. I dislike going to street bashes (a party at night) because they kidnap girls. I enjoy watching TV, going to movies and shopping, and visiting my friends. I hope to become a successful optometrist or pharmacist of these good days.


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