Christmas Morning

    2004_usa_65_artistArtist: Kora
    Age: 12
    School: The Grammar School
    City: Putney
    State: VT
    Country: USA

    I have chosen Christmas morning at my house. My mom, the one is read, is drinking coffee, my Godmother, the one in blue, is drinking tea, my dad, the guy with the beard, is opening a present, and I am about to dig into my stocking. I chose this scene because I love Christmas so much and it always makes me happy to think about it.

    I have a mom and a dad. MY dogs’ names are Lucy and Flossie. I love mountain biking, singing, acting, xc skiing, horseback riding, and eating. I don’t like our President. I spend my free time reading, biking, riding, singing in my rock band, laughing, and playing. I hope to become a movie and/or a rock star.

    I am the one with pigtails and the blue pajamas. Paint, pencil, pen.

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