Bottom of the 9th

    Artist: William
    Medium: Colored pencil KMBT_C224e-20151119092512
    Age: 12
    School: Rippowam I.B. Middle School
    City: Stamford
    Country: USA

    The Middle School baseball teams are facing of at Cubeta field at Scalzi Park. A tradition my team uses is we cheer throughout the game. For example: Who are we? Rippowam! Who are we? Rippowam! … I am showing the value of teamwork and athletic ability. It is important to me because teamwork and athleticism are key in sports.

    Featured: The moment I am sharing is my idea about desert life and culture.

    My family is my mom,dad, sister Rebecca, and many animals. We have two cats Molly and Nomas, and one dog Bella. I like to play sports and use my phone in my free time. I like the Red Sox (a baseball team), video games, and Mexican food. I don’t like Yonkers (another baseball team), the color yellow & green & shoes. I want to play baseball when I grow up in the MLB. I want to be successful and be a roll model for others.

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