KAZ-06-012Artist: Karina
    Age: 11
    School: Talap Gymnasium
    City: Uralsk, West Kazakhstan Oblast
    Country: KAZAKHSTAN

    A young man is chasing a girl on the horse and when he catches her he must kiss her. Then she should marry him. I chose this scene because I saw this game on Nauryez Day. I liked it very much. I liked how quick and bright it is.

    I live with my mom and my brother who is 1 years old. We have a cat named Ksyusha. I like to study very much and to play on the computer. I don’t like to learn long poems and texts. I spend my freetime playing with my cat and with my friends I want to become an interpreter and translator because I like to learn English.

    Time of day: 4:00 PM

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