An Afternoon on the Exciting Field


    2003_APY_USA_01_artistArtist: Mary
    School: Scofield Magnet Middle School
    City: Stamford
    State: CT
    Country: USA

    I am one of the cheerleaders doing a split. The other person doing a split is Maggie, my twin sister. There is a football game going on with players on the field, cheerleaders cheering on the sidelines, and fans in the stands. I chose this scene because I enjoy football and cheerleading and football is an American sport that no other country gets to experience.

    My mom’s name is Susan, my dad’s name is David, I have a 16-year old brother named Len, a twin sister named Maggie, and a 5-year old sister named Teresa (we call her Terri). I enjoy sports of all kinds, especially ice hockey and field hockey, I like to ride bikes and go swimming. I spend my free time hanging out with my friends, playing sports, watching TV, playing on the computer, going places, and shopping. I hope to become a healthy loving mother and wife with healthy kids. For a profession I would like to be an orthodontist, scientist, real estate agent, or something I thoroughly enjoy doing.


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