A Woman Making Tortillas

    GUA-12-087Artist: Elsa
    Age: 13
    School: Centro Educativo Cristiano
    City: San Andres, Peten
    Country: Guatemala

    A woman is making tortillas. She makes them on her hand; this is very different from other women, who use a table to make the tortillas. Making tortillas has a lot of value, because if we don’t make them we don’t have food. It is important to learn and to teach others how to make them.

    I am on the right side.

    My family consists of my mother, father, brother, sister and me. We have trees and a lake located about 1 km from my school. In my free time, I help my mom at home with anything I can do. When I grow up, I would like to be a teacher to help kids study. To help preserve the environment in our community, I clean to have clean space and fresh air.


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