A Love of My Chile

    Artist: Hector
    Age: 18
    School: Arturo Alessandri Palma
    City: Santa Isabel, Providencia
    Country: Chile

    Medium: Pastel pencil

    The scene shows the south of Chile. My paint shows a house above the sea called “palafito” and an island called “Isla de Pascua”. There is a sunset. I put in my piece a feeling of union. It is important for me.

    I show places of Chile that are united with the water.

    There are four people in my family. My father, Hector and my mother Alejandra and two sisters, Katherine and Paula. I participate in my parish as a monitor. Besides that I like to play guitar, games, and go to parties. I also like to play futbol, hang out with friends, read books and to be with my family. I dislike studying. My goal is to enter in the university, to study, do social work, and later to form a family.

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