A Horse Tradition

    2005_usa_292Artist: Jordan
    Age: 11
    School: Scofield Magnet Middle School
    City: Stamford
    State: CT
    Country: USA

    Artifact: Bridle

    Medium: Watercolors and Sharpies

    In my scene, a mother horse and her foal (baby horse) are in the pasture watching a horse circle the barrels in the background. I chose this scene because one, horses are my favorite animal, two, going up to Ridin Hy Ranch is a family tradi

    I have a sister, two brothers, a mom and a dad. I also have 3 cats, a bird, a snake, a lizard, two puffer fish and 40 tropical fish. I love horses and gymnastics, like softball and basketball. I spend my time woking at the vet (animal hospital)

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