A Day In Nature

    KMBT_C224e-20170224111722Artist: Djesnie
    Medium: Colored Pencils, Ink
    Age: 16
    School: Westhill High School
    City: Stamford
    Country: USA

    My piece depicts two best friends enjoying a beautiful day in nature. They are outside enjoying the view. The sun in the sky is shining and the sky is blue. They are showing that we should enjoy nature more, instead of destroying it.

    I have two brothers, one is 22 and the other is seven. My father and mother are divorced. I live with my half-brother, my stepmother, stepsister, and my dad. In my free time I like to draw and watch TV. I like fashion, art, and puppies. I dislike spiders and snakes. My goal is to get into college with a scholarship. When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer, an artist, a model, and a fabric designer.

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