A Bus

    Artist: Natasha
    Medium: Pencil, sharpie
    Age: 14
    School: James J. Curiale
    City: Bridgeport
    Country: USA

    I am showing a bus. It is the bus stop on the end of my avenue and two people are kissing. The business man has his daily routine getting to work and the kids to school. The value that I am showing is that everyone does not have fancy cars and that the bus is a melting pot of different races.

    Featured: The moment I am sharing is my idea about desert life and culture.

    My family consists of my sister, my dad and my grandma. My mom died when I was 4 due to breast cancer. In my free time, I like to play Sims on my laptop and watch Netflix. I dislike fake people, heights, homework and blueberries. My goals are to be a surgeon and to earn a lot of money and buy my dad and sister the stuff they deserve.

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