2020 - Our Environment, My Culture

ArtLink 2019-2020 Theme Assignment: 

Nature and culture are interrelated. Our environment influences our daily lives. We asked ArtLink students around the world to explore just how important your natural surroundings are to your culture and the activities you enjoy.

Students depicted outdoor activities that take place with family or one’s carried out in the larger community or even country-wide. They could have taken place at home, at school, at places of worship, on sports fields, in town centers, or in nature.

The pieces might also focus on concerns about the quality of the environment now or in the future, and how that quality might affect your community, country, and/or the world.

Art Partners of the Year

International Partners of the Year: School #631, Russia
Teacher: Mrs. Anna Zorina

This collection of work includes a variety of detailed pieces that illustrate both our shared responsibility to care for the environment and time spent in nature.

US Partner of the Year:  St. Aloysius, New Canaan, CT
Teacher: Mrs. Celeste Andrei

This collection includes personal art pieces that reflect the ways that the environment is a part of our daily lives.

Participating Countries

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