2019 - Heritage

ArtLink 2018-2019 Theme Assignment: 

We asked ArtLink students around the world to consider the things and practices that have been passed down to them, select one that they particularly value, and then conceive and create an art piece that illustrates their choice.

Students depicted intimate family-based traditions or one’s carried out in the larger community or even country-wide. They could have taken place at home, at school, at places of worship, on sports fields, in town centers, or in nature.

The pieces might focus on traditional customs, holidays, celebrations, stories, food, clothing, music, dance, architecture, handicrafts, job skills, games, or religious practices.

Art Partners of the Year

International Partners of the Year: Marina International School, The Gambia
Teacher: Mr. Dennis Gibba

This collection of work includes a variety of colorful pieces that take the viewer into their homes and communities and showcase the people around them.

US Partner of the Year:  John F. Kennedy High School, Chicago, IL
Teacher: Mrs. Michele Hendricks

This collection includes detailed art pieces that reflect on family, heritage and home.

RainForest ArtLink

Students from partner classes in the USA and students in Guatemala exchanged art that illustrated their own cultural values and concerns for the environment. This special exhibit includes one piece from each of these RainForest ArtLink classes.

Participating Countries

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