2016 – My Community, My Point of View

    ArtLink 2015-16 Theme Assignment: For students to give a real insider’s view of what goes on in their communities, neighborhoods, villages, towns or cities. They were asked to consider a variety of day-today interactions between their friends, family members, merchants, classmates, teachers, teammates, elders, clergy, neighbors with disabilities and others.

    In their artwork, the students had to thoughtfully capture a specific interaction to share. This moment might include their families, classmates, friends or community members taking part in an activity that reveals a meaningful cultural value.


    Creative Connections’ “Art Partners of the Year”

    International Partners of the Year: Khelda Secondary School Amman, Jordan, Teachers: Ms. Lina Kamal/Zainab and Ms.Rawan Slaiti
    Coordinator: Rania Ammari of INJAZ

    And The Children’s Art Circle/ Colombo Children’s Book Society, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Teachers: Dr.D.Ambalampitiya and Nayana Rajapakse

    This collection of work includes a variety of colorful and thoughtful pieces taking the viewer into their homes, schools and communities including celebrations, traditions, dance, religious customs, planting, hunting and acts of worship.

    US Partner of the Year: North Brandford Intermediate School, North Branford, CT
    Art Teacher: Ms. Marcella Ardine and Mr. Jerry Prell

    North Brandford artists expressed pride in their school and in their communities. Their art reflected topics including patriotism, holidays, travel, community service and recreation.

    All the classes created insightful art pieces illustrating such values as love of family, traditions, competition, celebrations, and religion.

    RainForest ArtLink

    Students from partner classes in the USA and the Mayan Biosphere in Guatemala exchanged art that illuminated their own cultural values and concerns for the environment. This special exhibit includes one piece from each of these RainForest ArtLink classes.

    Rainforest Artlink Participants:


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