2010 – Expressions: Celebrating our Traditions and Values

    ArtLink 2009-10 Theme: This year we asked our participating young artists to create a piece of art that illustrated, represented, or articulated a treasured tradition that is practiced in their homes, schools, places of worship, or communities.

    As the students thought about what tradition they wanted to select for their subject, we asked them to remember that traditions often mirror what a group of people value most. Indeed, that’s one of the main reasons they are carried out by generation after generation.

    This exhibition highlights the talents of over 180 young artists from 29 countries. Their work was selected from well over 3,500 pieces that were produced as part of Creative Connections’ ArtLink program for the 2009-10 school year.

    Creative Connections’ “Art Partners of the Year” honors were awarded to:

    International Partner of the Year: Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Center, Cairo, Egypt
    Art Teacher: Mohamed Abdel Dayem
    This collection of art is bold, colorful, and conveys a wonderful variety of everyday Egyptian traditions

    US Partner of the Year: North Mianus School, Riverside, CT
    Art Teacher: Princess Cureton
    These talented 4th grade artists presented a lively set of art that captured American culture in a fun, insightful, and skillful way.

    Special thanks to

    Our ArtLink partner teachers from all over the world who inspired their young student artists to create such wonderful, insightful art.

    Peter Corbin
    Kathy Draper
    Maria del Rosario Fernandez
    Barbara Kurtz
    Christine Glidden
    Leslie van Veide Laughren
    Gillian Marshall
    Kim Pendergast
    Ann Weiner

    Developing World Markets for their generous underwriting support for this website exhibit.

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