2004 – Traditions… Where I Come From

    Life is a unique journey for all of us. The people we meet, the places we go, and what we do in our lives is an ongoing life-long adventure. While we might not be sure what experiences lay ahead, we can be sure of where we’ve come from. Traditions that are passed on to us from our family and our society give us a grounding from which to set out on our life’s journey. Traditions help make us who we are and give us a dynamic springboard from which to discover what we are to become.

    For “Traditions…Where I Come From”, we asked our participating artists to:

    • Think of the variety of traditions that are practiced in your culture in such areas as holidays, clothing, foods, sports, entertainment, school and home activities, etc. These could be ethnic, religious, national, or even individual family traditions. They could be practiced just once in a life-time, each day, or on a regular basis anywhere in between.
    • Select one of these traditions that is particularly meaningful to you.
    • Complete a piece of art that illustrates this tradition, placing yourself somewhere in the piece. You can appear as an active participant in, or as a spectator of, the traditional activity or scene you depict.

    This exhibit includes pieces created by children attending mainstream to special education classrooms working with VSA arts affiliate schools and centers around the world. Look for the VSA arts logo that accompany these pieces.

    To learn more about VSA arts, go to www.vsarts.org

    Creative Connections’ third annual “Art Partners of the Year” honors were awarded to:

    The Reyum Art School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    Art teacher: Lim Van Chan

    North Haven Middle School, North Haven, CT USA
    Art Teacher: Roselyn Vuoto
    The art students from North Haven came up with a particularly thoughtful variety of artifacts to feature in their work. Their insightful collection of pieces was of high quality.
    French Fries
    Kristin, 12

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