2001 – Windows, A Look Into Our Lives

    We asked young artists from around the world to share aspects of their culture in a creative way. They were first to choose a window found in their culture, and then paint or draw what they saw when looking through it. We encouraged them to feel free to not only select windows they see everyday but also unusual ones that they might only imagine looking through.

    We also asked that each piece of art should include some indication of the window itself, such as a bordering window frame, superimposed panes, a hint of curtains, or some other device.

    As you “click” your way around the exhibit, you might well be surprised at the wonderful variety of windows depicted by 100 artists from 18 countries. Their work was selected from the over 1000 pieces that were produced as part of Creative Connections’ Artlink program for the 2000-2001 school year. We know you will enjoy seeing the photos of the artists, reading what they say about their work and themselves, and of course viewing their colorful, insightful pieces.

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