1998 - Windows: Looking Out, Looking In

Welcome to this year’s international exhibit. Over 1000 young art students in eleven countries submitted art on the following theme:

Windows: Looking Out, Looking In

The participating artists were given the following assignment:

What do you see when looking out of or into any window? It could be a window at home, at school, at a local store, in a church, in a prison…indeed anyplace that has a window. The art can depict what one literally sees at any time of day or night, or what one sees in the mind or in a dream. The art can depict present-day life, life in the past or even in the future. One scene or multiple scenes can be presented. The subject matter is therefore wide open. You need only bear in mind that you are communicating aspects of your culture through your art.

The art should include some indication of the window itself by incorporating a bordering window frame, superimposed panes, a hint of curtains, or some other device. The medium used is up to the teacher and student.

Participating Countries

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