From ArtLink Student to ArtLink Teacher

Reverend Nathan Kiyaga is an ArtLink educator, currently living in Torquay, England. He’s also a valued friend and enthusiastic supporter of Creative Connection’s work. But Nathan’s ArtLink journey began over 25 years ago and over 6,000 miles away from Torquay, in Kasangati, Uganda.

Nathan was introduced to Creative Connections as a teenager at Tender Talent School in Uganda. It was there that he joined the troupe of dancers that would tour Connecticut as part of Creative Connections’ International Young Performer’s Tour. Nathan fondly remembers staying with host families in the USA, seeing The Lion King on Broadway, and the electric reception at each school they visited during the tour. 

“Joining these tours gave me a sense of purpose,” said Nathan, “From my first day of involvement, I felt I had something to contribute to the world.”

Nathan’s experience with Creative Connections as a teenager stuck with him, so when he became School Chaplain at St. Cuthbert Mayne, he decided to bring our ArtLink program to his students. The area where Nathan works is predominately white and many of his students have not been able to “experience of diversity in its fullness.” He hopes that being involved in ArtLink will help the students at St. Cuthbert Mayne grow “to appreciate the gift that other cultures are to the world.”

“Art is a universal language and many have suggested that a picture indeed speaks a thousand words,” said Nathan when asked about how art helps his students connect with another culture, “In this time of the pandemic, art from different parts of the world and people has helped to articulate the shared pain and experience of this struggle.”

To learn more about Nathan, view his video interview in its entirety HERE.

Pieces by Nathan’s students at St. Cuthbert Mayne

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