Mask Dancing

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Today we received a Facebook comment from this young artist stating,“I want to say something from the bottom of my heart that I really appreciate what you guys have done for me by selecting my art work for the International Children’s Art Exhibit last year in 2012, I have received my certificate and I am happy, THANK YOU CREATIVE CONNECTIONS!”

Here is his wonderful art work for everyone to see and enjoy!

Malick describes his art piece, In this scene there is a mask dancing ceremony being performed in my village.  This is a Gambian tradition that is usually performed during Christmas and New Year’s.  The value I am depicting is tradition.  It is important to me.”

According to, “Gambian masks represent a distinct symbolic attribute and cultural significance depending on the ethnic group who uses it and it plays and important role in certain tribal ceremonies, harvest time and rites of passage.Many tribes attach a symbolic meaning to masks and furthermore ascribe supernatural, magical powers to many of them as representing a spirit or deity such as the Dogon Tribe of Mali… these types [of masks are] reserved for purely ceremonial purposes… they are passed down from generation to generation.”

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