Happy Father’s Day!

This Sunday, June 21, 2015 marks Father’s Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the United States. Father’s Day was first commemorated in 1910. In the USA, it is typical for fathers to receive presents from their children and eat a special dinner with their family.
However, the traditions that we have surrounding the holiday are not the same around the world.

In Brazil, “Dio dos Pais” is celebrated on the second Sunday in August in honor of Saint Joachim, patriarch of the family.

In Croatia and Italy, fathers are celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day in March.Estonia and Finland celebrate the holiday on the second Sunday in November

Nepal has a special ceremony where children present their fathers with gifts and then look them directly in the eyes to show their appreciation.

InThailand, Father’s Day takes place on the birthday of the king and the Thai people wear yellow in recognition of masculinity.

And in Germany in the spring, men young and old hike while pulling wagons filled with beer or wine and regional food. Some German towns even award a ham to the man with the most children!


We honor and celebrate fathers around the world! 

Happy Father’s Day!

By Olivia Pritchard


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