Ian, Clare, and Hilary Livingston with Sergey (L) and Nick (R) at the Summer Palace. (Note Nick’s tee shirt which was purchased while he was here last fall.)

In August, the Livingston Family of Rowayton, CT, paid a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they reunited with Sergey Levanov and Nikolay (“Nick”) Korsakov. The Livingstons served as host family to Sergey during the Rossijanochka dance troupe’s October 2009 performance tour.

Host mom, Wendell, shared some of the details of their visit: “[W]e met [Sergey and Nick] for dinner our first day there, then went to see Nick dance at a restaurant where he works each evening entertaining tourists; the following day Nick and Sergey took us to the ferry to go to Peter the Great’s Summer Palace, a spectacular site, where they took us on a tour of the grounds. Sergey was quite the team leader, speaking for us at the ticket booths, to waitresses, etc., helping us to negotiate our way around the city where little is posted in English. He then arranged for his mother to get us tickets to the ballet while his father managed to get us tickets to a football match between the top teams from Russia and France. The lads took our older two kids out to the clubs two separate evenings and made quite a few toasts to ‘friends’. Our kids probably would have stayed out all night if we hadn’t insisted that they return to the hotel by 3 am (a curfew which kept getting extended since they were having such a great time).”

Thank you to the Livingstons for sharing their home and the story of their continuing connection!

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