Creative Connections’ annual tour brings talented international youth performing troupes to area elementary, middle and high schools. Here the international students, ages 12-19, meet with, perform for, and give workshops to school audiences during half or full day visits. Performances feature the youth sharing their culture through music, song, dance, and/or theatre.

Each show begins with a video taking the audience “back home” to see the schools, homes, and rehearsals of the performers.

An important component of our tour is the interaction between the performers and their American peers. The group gives “hands-on” and “feet-on” workshops, visit classrooms, shares meals, and stays in the homes of local families.

Our tours provide our student audiences with entertaining, authentic performances and workshops given by talented young performers from around the world. The “creative” connections made between audience members and performers are what makes our tours special.

Program Goals

International Young Performers’ Tour student participants will:

  • Expand their awareness, understanding and appreciation of the lives of peers living in another country
  • Gain a new perspective of their own culture by learning similarities and differences between their peer student-performers
  • Discover the power of the performing arts to convey cultural and values
  • Build their cultural literacy skills through a heightened interest in learning about other cultures around the world

Announcing our 2020 International Young Performers’ Tour

Mandala Theatre

from Kathmandu, Nepal

We are delighted to introduce to the USA this superb company of young Nepali actors who will perform a pair of plays:

Kurup Haans and Ghungrieko Kapal – one adapted for elementary schools and the other for middle and high schools.

These compelling stories, with their universal themes of friendship and acceptance, are based on “The Ugly Duckling” and on an intriguing Nepali folk tale.

They resonate with young and old alike as the performers utilize dramatic movement, humor, expressive music, dance and vibrant costuming to weave their tales.

The Mandala troupe will also offer post-performance Q&A’s/talk-backs with the actors, or theatre workshops to students at every school.

Tour dates:
April 22-May 6, 2020

Interested in booking?
Contact Alan Steckler – to learn more and to reserve a date.

5% early booking discounts

FULL DAY BOOKINGS $5200 ($4940 if booked before 11/15/19) Can include two school-wide performances and up to three workshops

HALF DAY BOOKINGS $3000 ($2850 if booked before 11/15/19) Include one school-wide performance and one Q&A/talk-back session

Flyer with information about the tour:

Mandala Theatre Nepal Flyer PDF

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