WHO: For elementary, middle, and high school classes, after school programs, scouts, and other youth enrichment clubs.

WHERE: We come to your school or center (within Fairfield and Westchester Counties) to conduct these workshops. Classes and groups can also come to us at Stepping Stones Museum for Children. Sessions can be adapted to run from 45-60 minutes.

HOW: Our presenter places your students into “cultural detective” teams to examine 20 pieces of art produced by talented young artists from around the world. Through age-appropriate discussion, we’ll guide them to delve beneath each painting’s surface details to uncover a variety of cultural issues and values. Some examples include:

  • Importance of traditions, celebrations, religious beliefs
  • Role of the family and home life
  • Evidence of specific gender roles
  • Value placed on education
  • The place music and art holds in everyday life
  • Which sports and games are popular and why
  • Awareness of enviromental issues

WHY: Teachers have consistently told us that these standards-based workshops have enhanced their students’ awareness and understanding of world cultures and, by comparing and contrasting, they have discovered more about their own culture.

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