Cattle Keeping

Artist: Sare Age: 9 School: Muyenga High School City: Kampala Country: Uganda Medium: Pencils/Crayons This picture is of two men and they are feeding the cattle in the grassland. I chose this tradition because it is my tribe and I love them. My family has five people, my mum, dad, me, my sister and my […]

Our Fishing Village

Artist: Antonio Age: 9 School: DUAM Country: URUGUAY “Mid-right and in the middle. You see my back in red shorts. My friends and I are playing outside my house. My father is fishing with a net, and you can see the sand dunes, the grass, and the different colored houses. It’s a simple life!” “My […]


Artist: Daniel Age: 11 School: DUAM Country: URUGUAY “I am in the center of the picture. Siesta is the nap time after lunch. The painting is done with watercolor and pastels. We lie down to rest at siesta time after riding our bicycles. Siesta is typical where I live. All of the shops close after […]

The Lighthouse and the Whale

Artist: Hilda Age: 10 School: DUAM Country: URUGUAY “I am center right in red. Every year at this time, the whale comes by our lighthouse and we wave and love it. There are some large bugs and a thin branch with the little mud nest of the “hornero” bird.” “My family: two brothers, my aunt, […]