BLOG Jordan tree with rootsWe are thrilled to be embarking on our third year with our partner schools in Jordan through INJAZ.
INJAZ was established in 1999 as a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire and prepare young Jordanians to become productive members of their society and succeed in a global economy.
While participating in our ArtLink program this beautiful and evocative art piece entitled, “Kept Grounded” was created by Natalie K. from Amman, Jordan.
The young artist describes her piece, ” You may not understand why I chose to draw a tree.  The tree would be me or any Jordanian, or it could be Jordan itself.  The roots mean that we stay grounded.  We have limits and boundaries.  We stick to our culture, yet the branches depict our freedom.  The value I am depicting is remembering where we come from no matter how far we grow.”

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