BLOG China art 11.13
“Tea Ceremony” by Meijia age 10 from China

Here is another example of art work arriving in our offices. This piece is from our partner in China.

The young artist describes her piece,“There are two men. They are showing their tea ceremony in a tea house. There are different postures.”  She shares this about the value she is depicting, “In fact, tea drinking can be an art and you can learn this art in China.” When Meijia grows up she would like to be an artist!
According to The Holy Mountain Trading Company, The art of drinking and serving tea plays a major cultural role in China. It inspires poetry and songs. Mutual love of tea cements lifelong friendships. For centuries, the ritual of preparing and serving tea has held a special place in the hearts and minds of Chinese aristocracy, court officials, intellectuals and poets.”
For more information on Chinese tea ceremonies please go to:

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