Ugandan Storytelling Musical Theatre
October 25 – November 9, 2005

Abantu Mu Buntu – Children’s Music Troupe

For three weeks in October and November, 2005, gifted 10 – 18 year old Ugandan singers, dancers, and musicians performed Kakokolo, the spellbinding tribal tale from their home in East Africa.

By popular demand, we are bringing the troupe back to the Tri-State area in the Fall of 2008.

The young performers’ colorful costumes, beautiful voices and vibrant dancing transport audiences to the traditional homelands of Uganda, a land rich in culture and spirit.

The performers, led by master choreographer and teacher Frank Katoola, all are students at Tender Talents Magnet School near the capital city of Kampala.

In addition to performing, the Ugandans give dance and drumming workshops and/or visit classrooms at every venue.

1 (1)Following are some of the comments sent to by teachers and students from their 2005 tour:

“Best performance we have seen at KLHT” (King&Low-Heywood Thomas School)

“Enriching , enlightening, entertaining performance.”

“Awesome!” (KLHT HS students)

“I was extremely moved by the performance. I feel that no matter how much you read, watch videos, look at pictures or websites, nothing is more educational and memorable than the real thing’s. My students minds were definitely broadened by this experience.” (Fairfield Country Day School LS Teacher)

 “The performance was memorable, invigorating, and uplifting. My students and I discussed the fact that the news we hear about Africa is about the awful things happening there: AIDS, war, famine, etc. For us, to see happy, healthy, smart, confident, talented young people from Uganda serves to remind us of the humanity of the place and the beauty to be found in people everywhere.” (FCDS US English teacher)

“In the 20 years that I’ve been here, this is the best enrichment program we’ve ever had!” (Unquowa School teacher)

“My son has never come home in all of his years here and told me about an assembly (8thgrader) Today he got in the car and couldn’t stop talking about the program.” (Unquowa  mother)

“This was definitely the coolest concert ever!!! It was so neat!!! I really love the video of where they are from. Thank you, thank you for arranging the concert!” (Danielle Frias- MS teacher, Rye Country Day School)

“Absolutely wonderful! It was nice to see them perform for us, but the real ‘icing on the cake’ was getting to meet them. Even within those 40 minutes, I really got to know one of the kids. When I saw him later, we were able to connect again. It was a wonderful experience learning about their lives and I really hope that something similar could happen again. It was great that they were our age, too. It made it so much easier to connect.” (Andrew Nathanson- US Student, RCDS)

“…The Ugandan group was the BEST we’ve ever had. The kids all felt that way. What beautiful people! I especially enjoyed seeing the video beforehand so that I put everything in a more concrete context for the children- and me!” (Kristin Bainbridge ‘ LS teacher, RCDS)

“Ellen Brady and I were talking about it and sharing our reactions and feelings. We both were, at times, bordering on tears…our hearts were so opened by the beauty and joy of these young people, that it was difficult to contain our emotions. Gazing on those gorgeous faces with those brilliant smiles… Wow!  I think they made us feel (all of us, young and old) the joy and aliveness and connection that everyone, on some level, yearns for.”

And then having them come to my fifth grade art class! My students were so excited when they learned they would be visiting. The discussion, Q&A’s, and bonus singing were wonderful (they sang ‘I wish I were and Angel… they were angelic). (Libby Bauer/ MS teacher, RCDS)

“This was the best show I have ever seen in this school EVER! I loved it!” – (Molly L. First grader at Pound Ridge Elementary School)

“The best part was the performers’ smiles. They made me want to smile back.” (Fifth grader, PRES)

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