2015 Art Show – Impressions from the New Intern

By Olivia Pritchard

The first thing I noticed at the art show was the colors. Vivid, vibrant colors covered the surrounding walls. Every piece was dense with rich color. Upon closer inspection of the art, the cultural differences and details became noticeable.

India placed importance on respect to elders. Japan loved games and Russia loved the arts.

Countries such as Jordan and Uganda were agricultural, apparent through their art.

Countries like Mexico valued family time above all else.

Some countries, such as the USA, had more of an evident focus on technology.

Viewing all of these different cultures at one time and in one space was both overwhelming and poignant. It made me think about the differences, and the similarities, in a way I do not often do. To me, the art was impactful and powerfully moving.

The Spring 2015 International Children’s Art Exhibit “Picture the Moment” is on display at

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk in the IMAX lobby for the remainder of the summer.

The show is free to the public, we invite you to please stop on by and enjoy!
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